The struggle is real to get the right tools in place

You have a solid base of business productivity tools in place:

  • Knowledge management. Check
  • Document storage, Check
  • Email. Check
  • Video conferencing. Check
  • Web hosting. Check
  • Social media scheduling. Check
  • Project management. Check

And yet, things could be running more smoothly than they are. Still too many clicks. Still too much stuff getting dropped or taking too long.

As a company grows, acquires more clients, and brings on more team members, the toolset needs to adapt. Based upon my decades of experience as a consultant and business owner, I have created a resource guide to help business owners answer this question:

What are the next-level tools for me and my team?

To be honest, I don’t believe in silver bullets. But sometimes, there is a crucial piece of software a team is missing. You know, the kind that makes you ask yourself, “where have you been all my life?!?!”

Those are the types of solutions I put into this guide. The kinds that can solve a problem you didn’t even realize could be solved. Or create peace of mind at night. Or save hours of menial work.

What you’ll find inside this guide

I researched and tested business tools across five different categories to find the best-in-class options to recommend.

For each category, I’ve included:

  • Executive-summary style recommendations that get right to the point
  • Low or no-cost recommendations per tool category
  • Multiple specific recommendations — with links — per category
  • The critical questions to ask yourself during the evaluation phase
  • Unbiased recommendations — no affiliate links

If your team is ready to level up, drop your name and email in on the right, and the 10-page guide will be in your inbox in minutes.

About the Author

Jen Santos

Jen Santos

Business systems consultant

I’m Jen Santos, a US-born, Brazil-based systems and work-life integration consultant. A coach and systems consultant for more than 25 years, I have extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes solve their most complex problems.

Tuning systems to get them humming along the way I know they can is one of my favorite things to do. I take a lot of satisfaction and pride in doing that well, but the big payoff for me is when I see a small business owner whose life just got a lot simpler.

Because for me, it’s about the small business owner and their team, not the business. (A successful business happens to be the byproduct.)

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