Work life integration IS possible — let’s work-to-live, not live-to-work

Modern live-to-work societies have done a number on us. It’s more, more, more: more hours, more meetings, more obligations, more things to buy. Life is now measured by the yardstick of how busy we are and how much stuff we have.

Yet if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we crave a different type of more.

More laughter, more time, more … ease.

Jen Santos

Jen Santos

Founder and Chief Enchantment Officer

Hi, I’m Jen Santos, your coach

I am a Results Certified Coach and a former consultant and events manager for some of the world’s largest companies. I’ve done busy, and I know the toll it takes — on our minds, on our bodies, on our relationships, and on our sense of self-worth.

As your work life integration coach, I’ll help you uncover what brings you ease. We’ll work together to remove the things that bring you dis-ease. We’ll develop habits that add a sense of tranquility in your day-to-day life.

I would be honored to walk alongside you on this path.

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Why are they called “The Sossego Sessions”?

feet in a hammock

I’m so glad you asked!

Sossego (pronounced “so-say-go”) loosely translates to ease. As my Brazilian husband says, “it’s life in a hammock — it’s the good life!”

Who doesn’t want that?

Your definition of sossego may not involve a hammock, and that is OK. The Sossego Sessions are designed to help you find out what creates ease, tranquility, and serenity for you. We’ll work together to make those things a part of your day-to-day life.

Peace. Tranquility. Finding YOUR style of ease. Let’s do this.

What you can expect in our work together

The focus is on you — your ease, your sossego, your way. As a work life integration coach, my role is to help you uncover what you already know, devise the strategies and tactics to help you get there, and be the accountability partner you need to make change happen.

What’s included in The Sossego Sessions?

  • Ten hour-long one-on-one transition coaching sessions via Zoom with Jen Santos, Results Certified Coach
  • An immersive coaching experience using digital collaboration tools to enhance insights and to fully embody sossego
  • A Brazil-inspired care package delivered to your door to further enhance the sossego experience
  • Insights into simple things you can do throughout the day to create more spaciousness and develop more ease
  • Awareness of of neurophysiological tips and tricks that will instantly reduce stress and induce a sense of serenity
  • Recordings of all of our sessions so you can be present during our calls and not miss a thing

What others are saying…

“You are a superstar, Jen, and we are so much better because of you.”

“You have earned so much trust with the grace and enthusiasm you have always embodied when working with others.”

“Your leadership, your thoughtfulness, your synthesizing of business, tools, right experience is awesome!  I just wanted to say huge, huge, huge thank you and you are an amazing collaborator!”

“I’ve always been so inspired by your ability to think clearly and problem solve in the most chaotic of situations and maintain your patience, kindness, and amazing humor while doing so.”

“What you do is nothing short of magic!”

“Your problem-solving skills are unparalleled.”

“You are a wealth of knowledge, determination, and pure, simple brilliance. “

“You have a gift for never making others feel stupid for not understanding something or for asking ‘dumb’ questions.”

Meet your work life integration coach, Jen Santos

With more than 25 years as a coach and consultant, my entire career has been focused on helping others reach their goals.

  • As a Results Certified Coach, I use high-level coaching skills to help you get powerful results in your life, career, or business.
  • As a work-to-live devotee, I help you achieve results with a daily dose of sossego so you can find joy in the life you’re creating.
  • As a technical program manager, I have a deep understanding of complex systems, organizational and productivity tools, and know-how to thrive in uncertain circumstances. If your life’s complicated, I’ve got your back.
  • As a geek, empath, and lifelong learner, I help you understand what makes you tick so you can figure out to make your life better.

I am a US expat now living in perpetually-sunny Salvador, Brazil, with an amazing Brazilian husband, Bira. I get the opportunity to watch and learn, every day, what the sossego way truly is. When I’m not working with clients, I’m doing everything I can to embrace the rich culture of the area going to shows, learning about local foods and traditions, and playing music. On the weekends, you’ll find me playing in a samba-reggae street band. 

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Whether we choose to work together or not, you will walk away with a clear idea of what “ease” means to you. Because only once you know what success looks like can you start to chart a clear path to get there.